Web Design & Development

As a business owner you wear many hats in your business and it’s possible you’re website is under performing as a result. This means you could possibly be losing customers who’d like to buy what your company has to offer. Seem overwhelming? We can help. Our 5 stages to a profitable website makes both the process and the results predictable. Your website is a key building block to your business’ brand, reputation, and marketing campaigns, that’s why we GUARANTEE your satisfaction.

Our 5 Step Process to a Profitable Website


It’s not enough to want a website. In this stage, typically in week 1, we define what visitors should expect, what they will experience on your website, and what they will take away. Here expectations are set for the website and the standard is set for customer excellence. We’ll help you with stock photos, content advice, and layout recommendations.


Your website should not only be a stunning display of your business but also functional to capitalize on turning visitors into customers. During this second stage of the process, which happens during week 2 of the web design project, we provide a design that captures the attention of your visitors quickly. Our priority is to have your website visitors immediately identify what your company does and compel them to take action which contributes to better conversion rates.


We build your profitable website based upon the standards set in the define stage and the mock website proof provided in the design stage. During our develop stage, which also takes place in week 2, we ensure your website is setup to perform at lightning speed. This is crucial not only to engage your website’s visitors right away but it’s also a key standard of search engine optimization. We believe in never leaving you in the dark, confused, or uncertain during the process so with this stage as with every stage you’ll be in the know.


Always inspect what you expect is what we believe. That’s why we perform a 20-point standard website test we perform for every website in a stage environment where only you and us have the website link. We also encourage sharing the website with your circle of friends.


The BIG DAY! We’ll equip you with you with how to promote your site the first few weeks of its deployment to ensure you have gathered momentum you can sustain. Don’t forget we’re here for you 60 days post deployment for anything needing to be fixed or cosmetic changes to the website (photos, color scheme, logo change, etc.)